Posted on Jun 25, 2019

Triple Option Web Design

Is Local SEO services relevant today? Absolutely! Local SEO services and local keyword phrases are more relevant today than at any time before. Local SEO should be a top priority if you own a small business and have a website.

Look around…think about your current location. Does anyone know where you are? All you have to do is look at your Smartphone (a little too smart). With Geo-locating on your Smartphone, Uber or Lyft know where to pick you up. The web browser you use keeps track of your location and can notify you about local weather, stores, and landmarks where you’re currently standing, sitting or driving. Search engines provide local search results based on your location from your web browser, websites that you have allowed to view your location, social media profile pages and there’s plenty more. This may all sound a little scary. However, for small business owners, it generates local visitors using their local business. Which leads to increased revenue and that’s the goal of your website, whether you sell products online or advertise your services.

Users today also use common keywords in their searches and search engines will even suggest local results. For example, two popular phrases used in searches are, “good pizza near me” and “auto repair shop close to me”. Knowing a user’s location allows Google and Bing to provide the most relevant results based on a user’s location.

Lastly, 9 out of 10 users conduct local searches on Smartphones and mobile devices.
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